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Why Should You Choose J-Dog Junk Removal to Franchise

Individuals looking to start their own business have many options. However, there are many aspects an eager business owner will need to address. This includes coming up with a concept and determining an appropriate business plan. One option that eliminates these two aspects is opening a franchise.

A franchise will make a lot of sense for people who want to own their own business. One segment with this need is returning veterans. This is where the startup J-Dog Junk Removal will be a benefit because the franchise is only available to veterans.

The main reason is many veterans are often strapped for cash and may find junk removal a rewarding endeavor. There are various reasons why veterans should choose to franchise with J-Dog Junk Removal:


The fee required to franchise with J-Dog Removal is only $15,000 and is lower than the fee required from other widely-known brands. If a veteran wanted out for any reason, then equipment being used can easily be sold to recoup some of the investment.

The equipment will include a Jeep or Hummer and a trailer. These are seen as a tangible asset that can be easily valued. One benefit for a veteran is not having a retail lease which is often necessary for other types of franchises.

Unified Culture

One aspect of marketing a franchise to veterans is belonging to an organization which has the experience and a mindset that is familiar. This could be the secret to success as many franchises are often fractious as some will want to do things their own way.

A business with many like-minded people is a great way for an organization to be more in tune with goals and objectives.

Another aspect to keep in mind is many veterans are already accustomed to moving standard materials, driving around, and engaging in logistics. The result is having a much easier transition to working in a civilian job from military service.

What is important for veterans is they are able to develop a basic schedule or a routine that can be performed every day.

Repeat Customers

A military-oriented junk removal business can easily bring in repeat business. If a franchise operates in areas where people cater to veterans, then opportunities are limitless.


The collection of heavy and outdated items typically continues during a recession. These items need to be disposed of in the proper way. Junk removal is a business with revenue that is steadily growing.

The vast majority of other niches often have trash that keeps accumulating. Many people may take items over to a local landfill or leave items on the curb for others to take. A business that is able to remove old junk is an option for people who are updating or replacing various items.