“Hauling” in a New Service

JDog Junk Removal Hauls in New Services to Haul Out Your Goods

Veteran Owned Junk Removal Franchise Responds to Customer Demand, Adds Hauling Options

Berwyn, Pa. – DATE – JDog Junk Removal, a full-service junk removal franchise, is responding to heightened customer demand and adding hauling services to their roster. The professional junk removal company will now pick up and deliver items such as indoor and outdoor furniture, large appliances, and more.

“A lot of our customers are not ready to let go of the items cluttering their homes, and are able to find a new space to keep it – they just need help getting it there,” said Jerry Flanagan, Founder of JDog Junk Removal and Army Veteran. “Our franchisees are now prepared to meet the rising demand with the trustworthy and respectful conduct our customers have become accustomed to with the JDog brand.”

Professionally trained JDog teams will sort, recycle, discard and now transport items between locations, including personal storage units. Items that are not hauled between customer locations are donated and recycled through organizations like Goodwill, Habitat for Humanity and local charities, churches and hospitals.

The new hauling services will range from $75 to $349 based on size and distance of the delivery. Junk removal and hauling services through JDog are available in Pennsylvania, Florida, Michigan, Texas and Missouri, with plans to open in Tennessee in coming months. All JDog Junk Removal & Hauling locations are owned and operated by U.S. military veterans or their immediate family members.

JDog Junk Removal & Hauling is the only U.S. franchise business devoted solely to military veterans and their families. To schedule a service with your local office or to learn more about the company and franchising opportunities

About JDog Junk Removal

Army veteran, Jerry Flanagan, founded JDog Junk Removal in 2011 and began franchising in 2012. As a full-service junk removal company, JDog Junk Removal will sort, haul, recycle, and discard junk, garbage, and recyclables with same-day service and the ability for small or large pick-ups. JDog Junk Removal is a veteran owned and operated company that exclusively offers franchise opportunities to veterans, active-duty members of the United States Military, and their families. For more information on JDog Junk Removal, please visit: and follow them on twitter @JDogJunkRemoval for the most up-to-date news about the company.


Why You Should Choose J Dog Junk Removal

Why You Should Choose J-Dog Junk Removal?

Have junk piling up in your home? Need to clean up and organize for an upcoming occasion? Or maybe you just spring cleaning?

The removal of old junk from a residential home or a commercial business can be a lot of work. If your home or business in Wayne, Pennsylvania is cluttered or accumulating too much junk, then J-Dog Junk Removal offers the perfect solution.

Why should you hire us?

Veteran and Family Owned

Our franchises are run and owned only by Veterans so when you do business with any J Dog Junk Removal service across the country, you are directly supporting veteran service members of the United States Armed Forces. We are proud of what we do and do our jobs with the utmost professionalism.


We differ from our competitors in the way we carry ourselves and do our jobs. We use clean and attractive late model vehicles like Jeeps and Hummers to move your unneeded items.

Quick and Flexible Dates

We return your calls and emails quickly. We realize that your time is precious and your schedule is tight. We are very flexible with when you’d like the pick up to be scheduled. We also offer pickup on weekends.


Unlike other junk removal companies, our goal is to avoid taking items to a landfill. We try to recycle or donate as much as possible once the junk has been removed from the home or business of a customer.

However, some items may be too far gone for donating and other materials may not be suitable for recycling. Most times the amount of junk taken to a landfill is minimal.

Customers can rest assured their items and pieces of junk are being disposed of properly.

J Dog Goes to Fort Bragg

Jerry Flanagan, owner of J Dog Junk Removal attended the Ft Bragg job fair with Chris Simnick, owner of Synergy Franchise Consulting to promote the opportunity of owning your own J Dog franchise. Over 200 military men and women attended and it was a big success. “Securing verbal commitments for May 2014 for the Ft Bragg area- Fayetteville NC at the fair is very pleasing to hear as we continue with the upward trajectory of J Dog”, says Jerry Flanagan. Here are a few pictures from the fair.

You made my entire day and month. I am amazed at how much better I feel walking into my basement without the cabinets taking up so much room and how free I feel mentally knowing this is off my list.

Celeste McQuade and Larry Liss

Not a Job Guy?

Veterans: Become a Leader in Franchising – not a “job guy”

The past several years have not been promising for those looking for jobs, whether you are a college student or a transitioning service member. As a matter of record, those who do get hired are more likely to land a part-time gig as opposed to a full-time opportunity – and so that presents a dilemma: why move into part-time work when one can make more on unemployment?

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J Dog on Angie’s List

J Dog Junk Removal is now a proud member of Angie’s list. Angie’s list is an online place where actual customers have the ability to review and rate local companies they have used. As we are always looking for constructive commentary to better ourselves, we knew it would be a good fit for us.