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Why You Should Choose J Dog Junk Removal

Why You Should Choose J-Dog Junk Removal?

Have junk piling up in your home? Need to clean up and organize for an upcoming occasion? Or maybe you just spring cleaning?

The removal of old junk from a residential home or a commercial business can be a lot of work. If your home or business in Wayne, Pennsylvania is cluttered or accumulating too much junk, then J-Dog Junk Removal offers the perfect solution.

Why should you hire us?

Veteran and Family Owned

Our franchises are run and owned only by Veterans so when you do business with any J Dog Junk Removal service across the country, you are directly supporting veteran service members of the United States Armed Forces. We are proud of what we do and do our jobs with the utmost professionalism.


We differ from our competitors in the way we carry ourselves and do our jobs. We use clean and attractive late model vehicles like Jeeps and Hummers to move your unneeded items.

Quick and Flexible Dates

We return your calls and emails quickly. We realize that your time is precious and your schedule is tight. We are very flexible with when you’d like the pick up to be scheduled. We also offer pickup on weekends.


Unlike other junk removal companies, our goal is to avoid taking items to a landfill. We try to recycle or donate as much as possible once the junk has been removed from the home or business of a customer.

However, some items may be too far gone for donating and other materials may not be suitable for recycling. Most times the amount of junk taken to a landfill is minimal.

Customers can rest assured their items and pieces of junk are being disposed of properly.