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AARP What Your Stuff is Costing You

Perhaps this sounds familiar: You finally treat yourself to new clothes, new furniture or new appliances. But in an effort to be frugal, you also hang on to the old stuff. You cram the clothes into closets, move the old fridge to the basement (it still works well enough for now…), Read more here.

How To Get Your Home Back in Order After The Holidays

Sadly, the holidays are coming to an end and we will soon have to go back to our normal, everyday routines. After every passing year it seems to become more and more difficult to transition our homes back to their functional units. During the holidays there are new items coming into the home and not much going out. There is an endless supply of decorations that need taken down as well as more leftover Christmas cookies than can be counted. All this can really affect the functionality of any well oiled machine. Getting overwhelmed just thinking about it? Us too. So we have compiled a list of tips on how to survive the after-holiday chaos by getting your home back in order in an efficient and effective way.

1. Determine what you need/want to keep
-Bringing new things into your home during the holidays gives you the perfect opportunity to get rid of your old and unwanted/unused items. You are then able to start fresh in the New Year with a newly organized home.

2. Find a place for any new items obtained over the holidays
-If you are unable to find space, you may need to get rid of older items. While putting these items away, try to get rid of one item per every item coming in. By doing this, you can cut down on the clutter throughout your home.

3. Call JDog Junk Removal & Hauling
-JDog will take away all the unwanted items you identified while organizing after the holidays. You can even donate your items that are still in good condition to a local charity to keep the holiday spirit alive. Also, if your family gets a Christmas Tree, we can haul that away for you! Many of our locations even run after-Christmas specials on these! Free Estimate!

-Now that your home is back in order and all your new things are put away, it is time to clean. Cleaning your home after holidays can literally give you that FRESH start you’ve been wanting. Make sure to do the things you usually don’t do in your everyday cleanups like vacuuming, mopping, washing bedding, clean windows, etc.

5. Replenish
-Stock your cupboards with things you have run out of over the holidays. Food, cleaning supplies and beauty products should all be checked to see if you need to restock. Try to make one trip to get everything you need to save yourself time.

6. Relax
-Although, the end of the holidays can be a bit depressing having a clean an organized home can provide some relief. So sit back and relax in your new improved space and prepare yourself for the amazing New Year to come!