We are always happy to give you a “rough estimate” immediately over the phone. No surprise costs when we arrive.

Frequent Asked Questions

We are the only franchise in the U.S. that offers franchising to Veterans and Military Family members exclusively. JDog is a full-service junk removal company that prides itself on customer service –RESPECT, INTEGRITY & TRUST– The Military Way.

We haul away almost anything! Please contact the franchise in your area for details.

What we do take:
Yard waste: Branches, trees/leaves
Furniture: Couches/sofas, mattresses, dressers, tables
Appliances: Fridges, freezers, washers & dryers
Garage cleanouts
Swing sets
Hot Tubs

and much much more…

There are certain items which cannot be removed by our professionals:

Hazardous materials

Not sure? Call us!

All franchisees are required to have the proper insurance and permits.

Enter your Zip Code on the main page of the website to locate the JDog Veteran near you! You can reach them at 844-GET-JDOG(438-5364)

Our trailers are 12′ x 6′ x 6′.

JDog charges by the amount of junk we load in our trailers. We have a single item haul, 1/4 load. 1/2 load. 3/4 load and a full load charge.

JDog hauls almost anything Big or small, JDog can haul it and we will provide a guaranteed price before we begin work.

JDog does not take hazardous materials or chemicals. We will take paint products so long as the containers are opened and the liquid material has either dried or the container has been filled with kitty litter or other filler.

No job is too big! JDog can handle large warehouses, industrial sites, offices buildings and estates.

JDog will donate your items and provide you a receipt as requested.

JDog makes every effort to recycle or repurpose as much material as possible in an environmentally responsible manner. We have relationships with businesses who can handle a variety of items including: metal, tires, furniture, office workstations, paper, critical documents, yard waste, and construction debris among other items.

Each local JDog operator has his or her local hours posted on their Franchisee Page. However, should your job require special consideration, JDog can make arrangements to accommodate your schedule.

For virtually the same price we do all the heavy lifting and loading. When we’re done we remove the trailer immediately. You don’t have to schedule the dumpster, make room at your location or deal with any restrictions that go along with dumpsters. Trailers with gates make it easy to sort material for easy unloading at different locations, reducing waste and reducing dumping costs.

Yes, all franchisees are fully insured and licensed where it is required by local regulations.

Sure! We work with your schedule to make it convenient for you.

Most JDog locations take cash, checks and credit cards! Call your local JDog Veteran to confirm.