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Patrick & Jessyca Cummings





I am Patrick Cummings and this is my wife, Jessyca.  We are the owners of the new JDog Drexel Hill Franchise have been open since April 15, 2016.  We both grew up in the Indianapolis, Indiana area where most of our family and friends still reside.  Jessyca is a business analyst by trade with an MBA from Indiana University’s Kelly School of Business.

I am a Veteran with over 9 years of service in the United States Navy.  I left for boot camp in January 2007 and graduated in March, after which I attended Yeoman (YN) “A” school.  My first duty station was U.S. Joint Forces Command in Norfolk, VA where I worked as an administrative assistant to the Commander.  During this tour, I completed my Bachelor’s degree and was accepted into Officer Candidate School.  Upon graduation, I was commissioned an Ensign in the Surface Warfare Community.  My first division officer tour was as the Communications Officer onboard USS GUNSTON HALL (LSD 44) out of Norfolk, VA where I completed two deployments in support of theater operations and national tasking.

My second division officer tour was as the Training and Readiness Officer onboard USS LABOON (DDG 58) also out of Norfolk.  Upon completion of my afloat tours, I transferred to shore duty at AEGIS Technical Representative in Moorestown, NJ and my wife and I settled in the South Philadelphia area.  Knowing I wanted to transition to civilian life, I began searching for employment where learned about JDog at a career fair for transitioning officers in December 2015.  I found the opportunity and ceiling for growth too great to pass up and knew I found the right place.  



1344 South 16th Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Hours of Operation:
M-Th: 8 A.M. – 6.00 P.M.
S: 9 A.M. – 1:00 P.M.
Closed on Sundays

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