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My name is Brett Connolly, and I am a proud co-owner of JDog Fishtown. I was born and raised in South Jersey. I attended the University of Delaware and graduated with a degree in finance in 2007. Although I did not serve in the military, I deeply appreciate the sacrifices and selflessness of those that have served and actively serve today.

My paternal grandfather was a ball turret gunner in B-24 bombers during WWII. He would always share his stories with me and my brothers, and during Veterans day he would speak at my high school. He was very active in honoring the Tuskegee Airmen for decades after the war due to his unique experience with them during a nearly fatal mission. My paternal grandfather served with distinction in WWI, and we still have his uniform and medals.

I became a member of the JDog family after my father-in-law, and new business parter, Brigadier General (ret.) John DiNapoli, came to me with the opportunity. He introduced me to Jerry and Tracy Flanagan following a veterans networking event, and I was excited from the start. I am proud to be a part of an organization that honors and provides opportunities for veterans to be successful in business and beyond.

When I am not in the JDog truck and serving my customers, you can find me at home with my wife, Dr. Megan Connolly, and our dog Buster. We enjoy cooking together, hosting friends and family, and traveling whenever we get the time. I am an avid golfer, bike rider, and craft beer fanatic. I am a diehard Philadelphia sports fan, and we hold season tickets for the Flyers.

I am beyond excited to serve the junk removal needs for Northern Philadelphia stretching from Germantown to Fishtown and up through Oxford Circle. Go JDog!



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