Chris Lewis



Chris Lewis was born and raised in Florida and on his 17th birthday enlisted with the United State Marine Corps and reported to MCRD Parris Island upon graduating high school.  He would spend the next 20 years serving as an Infantryman attaining the rank of Master Sergeant.  Upon retiring he moved to Northern Colorado in search of his next career. 

Over the next year and half he would find the civilian job market and work ethic not very appealing.  He would soon find himself back in Iraq doing security contracting as a Designated Defensive Marksman.  Realizing he was tired of being away from his family he returned home looking for something where he could be a part of the community while being home for his family.  He came across JDog and after the initial contact with corporate, he was hooked.  This opportunity will allow him to use what he learned in Corps and hopefully help those veterans who are transitioning or just need to around other veterans for the comradery.  He is joined in the venture with his wonderful wife Nicole and the 2 coolest kids in the world, Jackson and Kaylee.  



Fort Collins, CO

Hours of Operation:
Mon-Sat 8 A.M. – 6.00 P.M.

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