Kristina Donovan




Kristina Donovan was born in Berwyn, IL on Aug 16, 1972. She graduated from Northern Illinois University with honors with a degree in Education. She worked as a behavioral and learning disabled teacher in a rough area of Cicero, IL for 6 years. She advanced forward to become a special education coordinator for another 4 years while obtaining her Master’s Degree in School Administration. After moving to NY she opened her first business, Premier Enrichment, where she continued to tutor, teach kids with learning disabilities and work with parents who had children with behavioral disabilities. She moved to PA and worked for American Institute for Research and coordinated a ready study over the course of 2 years in the Philadelphia school district. While education was her career, her passion was to bring a positive impact to people’s lives. When she moved back to the Chicago suburbs she obtained her personal training certificate and opened her second successful business, ExerciseU. Kristina’s Dad Bob Klump is an Army Veteran. She grew up listening to his stories about the time he spent in the service and was captivated by her grandfather’s military career in the Navy. She has always had a reverence for those who served and is very appreciative to have the opportunity make a positive impact for Veterans and her family’s community through JDog. Kristina and her husband Tim have 4 boys ages 14, 13, 10, and 6. While she’s still cleaning up her clients eating habits and lifestyle she plans on cleaning out a whole lot more with JDog. Her motto, “failure is not an option!”



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