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Elisabet Reyes came from Puerto Rico to Philadelphia in 2009 after her family was severely affected by the 2008 financial crisis. After high school, Elisabet enlisted in the United States Army in 2011 as a Petroleum Supply Specialist, where she served six years in the Army Reserves. After graduating basic training in Fort Jackson, she transitioned to the ROTC program as an SMP cadet. During her college career, she earned a scholarship to conduct research in Barcelona, Spain where she was able to study the brain of multilingual individuals like herself. She earned her degree in Human Development and Family Studies from Penn State University as well as a specialty in trauma. She continues to serve in the IRR as she pursues her PhD in clinical psychology as an officer.

Elisabet’s passion has always been helping fellow Veterans and troubled youth who struggle with mental health issues such as PTSD by employing support techniques like Resilience Focused Therapy to help them identify and build upon their strengths.

Running a junk removal business wasn’t something Elisabet ever thought of doing, but after meeting a franchise owner outside of a Chipotle and impressing the owner with her work ethic, she was invited to fly to Milwaukee and see what JDog was about. It was a perfect match. She packed her Jeep and left sunny San Diego to move to the Midwest.

Some of Elisabet’s passions and hobbies include playing the violin, painting, and traveling all around the world. Her goal is to continue to help fellow veterans and troubled youth by empowering them using junk removal as a tool.



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