Respect, Integrity, Trust. The Military Way.

JDog Veteran’s Day Recap

“44 years old, starting from scratch again on something you’ve never done before without any college education is a pretty scary situation, said Jerry Flanagan.” Now 4 years later Flanagan and his wife Tracy Flanagan have taken their home town junk removal business and used it as an avenue to hire more Veterans nationwide. JDog has gone from 17 to 300 awarded territories in 36 states and is quickly becoming a nationally recognized brand. This momentum has been recognized by multiple media outlets who have assisted in JDog Junk Removal becoming a household name. In the past few weeks JDog has been featured on Karma, MSNBC, CNBC, and Fox & Friends among several other local news outlets. This Veteran owned and operated company has taken America by storm due to their military values of Respect, Integrity and Trust. This is what sets JDog apart from the competition and what has contributed to their immense success. If you have not seen the recent press surrounding this unique franchise system; take a look at the links below.

JDog on a live Veterans Day segment on Fox & Friends

CNBC article about how Jerry & Tracy Flanagan took an independent junk removal company into the nation’s only Veteran franchise.

Views from the Top interview with Karma