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The Easiest Ways To Prepare For A Move

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Moving is often a stressful undertaking, and for some, the long list of things that need to be done can be overwhelming. Planning, packing, preparing for any contingency…they all take a toll, and more than likely you’ll end up exhausted before the moving actually begins. It helps to get organized, however, and to ask for help. No one can do everything on their own! Having a plan in place well before moving day arrives will help you feel in control and will ensure that everything goes smoothly.

Grab a notepad and begin making lists: packing lists, lists of things to buy for the new house, lists of things you’ll need to keep handy on moving day, etc. Go through the closets and drawers in each room and pare down your inventory, throwing away things that are old or worn out and donating things you just don’t use anymore. Then, enlist the help of friends and family to make sure the days leading up to the move are as stress free as possible. Here are a few ways to do just that.


Packing can be overwhelming when you have a lot of rooms, so start in one area and stay there until it’s done. Moving around to multiple rooms will only stress you out. However, you will need to make sure the house is clean and well organized before you start packing; you don’t want to start boxing up books in the living room and think you’ve got the job done, only to find a stack of them in a bedroom.

Designate one box for items you’ll need for cleaning at the new house, including a roll of paper towels, and don’t forget toilet paper and toiletries/changes of clothing for the family for the first night in the new place.

For clothing, keep the things in your closet on hangers. Wrap several of the hanger hooks with a hair tie or long garbage bag tie to keep them together, then cover with an upside-down garbage bag (poke the hangers through the middle of it to create a makeshift garment bag). Lay flat in a car or in the moving van, then hang up and strip off the bags once you get to the new place.

Kids and Pets

Kids can take a move pretty hard, so make sure you involve them in the process to help them feel more comfortable. Let them help you pack up their room and make sure you don’t make too many changes to their belongings once you’re in the new house. It might even help to set up their furniture in similar spots. The same rule applies to pets; if their food and water dishes were in the kitchen at the old place, put them in the new kitchen. Bring along favorite toys rather than buying new ones.


Before the move, go to the new house and measure windows, the spaces for appliances in the kitchen, doorways, anything you’ll need to know before the big day. Write down the measurements with details about which rooms they’re for (on the same piece of paper, if possible) so you’ll have it handy when it’s time to buy curtains, blinds, or a new stove.

Don’t forget to enlist the help of friends and family well before moving day, and don’t be afraid to delegate chores. You may feel more comfortable doing as much as possible yourself, but in the end you’ll be glad you had help.

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