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Top 10 Home Improvements for 2017

10. Front and Back Yard Makeover
Curb appeal is key!
1. It tells your neighbors that you take pride in your home and neighborhood.
2. It makes your home stand out.
3. It’s so easy! I always look online in spring when people are splitting their perennials: I have yet to have to purchase anything, since people actually give stuff away. Also, invest in an edger — clean lines are a favorite on my list — as they can dramatically transform a yard. (DIY Network , 2016)
Paver walk ways and groomed flower beds are a great face lift for your outdoor space. Also, adding new shrubs and plants to the flower beds will bring some color to your walk ways. These types of improvements can be done inexpensively and will keep things looking great all year long!
9. HVAC Replacement
This is one thing that’s usually on your list of “things you never want to break” in your home. But when you need to you want to make sure you’re getting the most bang for your buck. With all of the new energy efficient options you want to make sure you’re doing your research to see what will be best for your home (and your electric bill).
8. Upgrade Insulation
While January may be coming to an end, we still have almost two months left of winter. Upgrading insulation in the walls of your home will prevent any winter coldness you’ve been trying to avoid. If this seems like a task that you might not be able to do, JDog Handyman is always on call for jobs such as these.
7. Brighten up your home
It’s a new year, so out with the old in with the new. No better time than the present to replace those light bulbs that have been flickering on and off. Not only will you be brightening up your home, but you will also be brightening up your mood. If the space you’re occupying is dim, it may dim your mood as well. If you recently changed your light bulbs, add some additional lights in your home. Here are some cool DIY ideas:
6. Update Plumbing
This may be the one you want to do the least, but that’s what JDog Handyman is for. JDog Handyman does a variety of plumbing services, so for any plumbing you don’t want to do JDog Handyman will take care of. Updating your plumbing every so often is always a smart idea. That way you can prevent future issues with old pipes that may be costly.
5. Tile or Real Wood floors
Installing tile or real wood floors can be beneficial to your home for multiple reasons. One perk is that it will make your house look less cluttered than if you had a rug, leaving the room looking like it has more space. Another perk is the health benefits. Having a rug can trap dust, dirt and other filth that will cling onto your rug. By having tile or real wood floors you are eliminating that and they are also much easier to clean! Now if you’re unsure of whether to get tile or hardwood, that’s up to you. Tile may be more time consuming when you’re having it put in, but hardwood can be scratched up more easily.
4. Remove Paneling
Depending on the vibe you would like to give off, this is an improvement you may want to consider. If you want the rustic feel in your home then sure, keep the panels. But if you’re looking to go more modern, get rid of em! Wood deteriorates over time, especially from moisture in the air, so not only will it be risk factor for your home but it will also diminish the appearance of it.
3. Give the Bathroom a Boost
This is an improvement that may be the most fun, and you can get super creative with it. It could also be the least expensive depending on how you go about it. You can change the color scheme with it, replace the mirror or get a new sink or toilet. Maybe add a different air freshener in it every month – the possibilities are endless!
2. Basement/Attic Renovations
This improvement is great for the weekend and to do with other family members. Attics and basements are the best storage places in a home. Think of all the hidden treasures that have been stashed there throughout the years. There are probably also a lot of sentimental things from your childhood, or your parents, or your grandparents. Get the family together to go through what’s stored there for some family bonding. After clearing the space, you can renovate it into an office, a bedroom or a hangout area.
1. Kitchen is Key
This is another improvement you can get creative with and doesn’t need to be too expensive. You can get new counter tops, add a fresh coat to the walls or get new handles on the drawers. Another idea is to have a specific theme for the kitchen. You can base it off a color scheme, old rustic or flower theme. There is so much you can do with this improvement! Whether it’s updating a few things or completely renovating the kitchen – have fun with it!

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